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Funny Mother's Day Cards | Retro Pinup Girl Style Cards

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Give your Mom a good laugh this Mother's Day with one of our 18 witty & sarcastic retro/pinup girl Mother's Day Cards! Also great for birthdays!

Do you have a close, fun relationship with the one you call Mom in your life? Maybe you and/or your Mother loves the retro, pinup style? Any one of these cards are perfect for that fun-loving Mother/Daughter relationship!

Includes 1 cards/phrase with 1 colored envelope:

---- Card #1: Mom, thanks for the wine gene. (Pink envelope)
---- Card #2: Thanks to me, you pee when you sneeze. (Yellow envelope)
---- Card #3: Happy Mother's Day from your favorite pain in the a**. I promise, everything will be ok. (Teal envelope)
---- Card #4: I'm sorry for all the dumb stuff I did when I was a kid. If it helps, you only know about half of it. (Coral envelope)
---- Card #5: Mom, thanks for shagging Dad. That couldn't have been easy. (Lime envelope)
---- Card #6: Of all the fannies in the world, I'm glad I fell out of yours. (Blue envelope)
---- Card #7: It's not easy being the pretty child, but at least I'm smart. (Watermelon envelope)
---- Card #8: I love how we don't have to say it out loud that I'm your favorite child. (Violet envelope)
---- Card #9: Mom, I may not be perfect & that's TOTALLY okay. I forgive you. (Pink envelope)
---- Card #10: Sorry for that time I wouldn't let you sleep for like 3 years... (Blue envelope)
---- Card #11: Instead of grandkids may I interest you in this card? (Lime envelope) 
---- Card #12: Don't tell Dad. Don't tell Dad. Don't tell Dad. Don't tell Dad. Don't tell Dad. Our lil secret? (Watermelon envelope) 
---- Card #13: Mom, I may never listen to you but you will always be my first call. (Violet envelope) 
---- Card #14: Happy Mother's Day to the person who uses my voicemail like a podcast. (Teal envelope) 
---- Card #15: Like Mother like daughter. Oh Sh**... (Coral envelope) 
---- Card #16: Without me today would just be another day... You're welcome. (Lime envelope) 
---- Card #17: Mom, you made me who I am. Whether that's good or bad is simply a matter of opinion. (Yellow envelope) 
---- Card #18: Mom, Thank you for teaching me to stop & smell the roses. (Watermelon envelope) 

- Cards are sold in sets of 2
- 2 Colored envelopes included.
- Card size measures 4"x5.25" when folded.
- All cards are blank on the inside.
- PLUS receive 1 FREE pinup girl sticker with every order!

* Custom designed, printed & fulfilled by BlveOlive *
* Cards also available in singles (see shop) *

Gifting Ideas

One size fits all

Self-care day, morning/nighttime routine, bridal party/wedding, Holiday, new Mother, Mother’s Day, slumber party, mother/child spa day, the traveler and so much more!

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Exceeds my expectations.

This card exceeds my expectations. It is produced with very high quality and was delivered in a timely manner. I will be doing business with this seller in the future.

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